• Dyson Carbon Motor Brushes

These are aftermarket replacement motor brushes that fit most Dyson vacuum cleaners. They are sold as a pair. They come with two new tension springs.

Dimensions are 6.9mm x 10.7mm x 32mm

Note. You need to reuse your old brush holders.

These brushes will fit most of the following machines with YDK motors

DC04 DC05 DC07 DC08 DC08T 151 DC11 DC14 DC15 DC19

DC20 DC21 DC23 DC23MH DC29 DC33 DC39 DC54

Fits Dyson Uprights

DC03 034 830


DC07 including serial numbers starting with 256 090 115 131 092 093 118 096 117

DC14 DC15 DC18 DC24 DC25 DC33

Playing with electricity can be fatal, please make sure these are installed by a qualified person.

Dyson Carbon Motor Brushes

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  • Ex Tax: $13.87

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