Payment Options

There are two options

  • Internet banking - Products will ship when your payment clears. Intructions will be emailed to you
  • PoliPay - Instant payment clearance and same day shipping when possible.

Internet Banking - ANZ Account

  • Mendit Shop NZ
  • 06-0421-0079618-02

Polipay information

Polipay is used by Air New Zealand, The Warehouse and the NZ Transport Agency.

Some banks say not to use Polipay due to security issues but in reality there are no documented cases of money being lost etc in the 8+ years Poli has been running. Personally we think the banks want to make more money using their antiquated payment systems.

Credit Cards

We do not offer a credit card option as all this does is give money to the banks and take money away from you the consumer.

I don't have internet banking

There are two things our customers do to work around this.

  • Get a friend to do the purchase for you.
  • Print out the payment instructions and take them to your bank. They will do this transaction for you.

Happy Shopping

The Mendit team